Hair Growth Survival Kit


Dallas Beauty

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Are you basically DYING for your hair to start growing? Whether you're suffering from an impulse pixie cut, postpartum hair loss, or just extra damage from years of coloring - this will help you jump start your new journey to long hair!

In the kit:

  • Extreme Mega Mask ($30.95) - use this mask once or twice a week on dry hair with a shower cap on for maximum results! you can also use it to replace your conditioner in the shower every now and again! 
  • Extreme Length Shampoo ($22.95) - made with love and biotin to start treating hair growth at the scalp & in your hair!
  • Extreme Length Conditioner ($22.95) - do you find yourself tugging at your hair when you brush it? well stop, because that's half the problem! brushing hair when wet or dry should never pull on the hair! it's like a rubber band when wet and very easy to pull and snap! Let's be gentle.
  • Extreme Length Sealer ($25.95) - your hair never stops growing but why does it seems to never get longer? because your hair is getting shorter from the bottom up! this leave-in treatment seals your split ends and prevents breakage to save as much length as possible!
  • Redken Hot Sets 22 ($27.95) - continue the protection even when you're styling. we know avoiding blow drying & hot tools is the healthiest route to see regrowth, but who are we kidding? we all love to straighten or curl our hair. protect it every time you style with this to prevent heat damage!

Kit total value: $130.75 (kit discounted 15%)