No-Wash Training Survival Kit


Dallas Beauty

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Do you feel like your hair is ALWAYS greasy even when you wash all the time? Bad news: it's greasy BECAUSE you wash all the time! Start training your hair to stop producing excess oil that makes your hair greasy. Here's everything you need to train your hair to wash less, keep more moisturized and less oily!

In the kit:

  • Shhhowercap ($42.95) - prevents you from washing daily
  • Balmain Dry Shampoo ($41.95) - use morning and/or night to absorb excess oil. Blast with your hair dryer at your roots for maximum results!
  • Balmain Moisturizing Shampoo ($38.95) - washing less means you are going to be training your scalp to stop producing extra oil to make up for the dryness! so when you do wash, make sure it's moisturizing!
  • Balmain Moisturizing Conditioner ($42.95) - your scalp needs moisture! when it feels too dehydrated, it begins to produce lots of oil to keep it healthy. use a moisturizing conditioner root to end!
  • Balmain Argan Elixir (49.95) - use before blow drying and daily on mid-shafts to ends! Skipping washes means your ends will need extra nourishment because your natural oil won't be as plentiful! hydrate your ends- plus it smells amazing!

Kit total value: $216.75 (total kit is discounted 15%)