Texture AIIR Dry Texture Spray



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A crystal infused dry texture spray that gives hair natural, lived-in texture with lasting results and volume.Use as a finishing spray for styles with airy, textured volume. Can also be used to provide foundational grip for no-slip braids and updos.

Texture AIIR is your new secret weapon for creating tousled texture and perfectly imperfect styles with textured volume that lasts.

Cruelty free, vegan and paraben, sulfate and gluten free. Responsibly sourced holistic ingredients.


  • This weightless dry texture spray adds volume, grit and texture to all hair types

  • Amplifies the volume of fine or flat hair and adds definition to waves and curls

  • Mica is infused to add brilliant shine and reflection

  • Crystal Quartz is infused to cleanse the mind of negativity and to inspire positive feelings and thoughts

How To Use:

Hold can 6-8 inches from head and spray on dry, styled hair to create gritty texture. Spray in a circle-like motion to evenly distribute it around the head for all-over texture.

Apply in horizontal sections at the scalp area prior to backcombing for additional support and volume. Or use your blow dryer while spraying it all over for tons of volume and overall texture.