Intro to Polygel & Hardgel


Nail Courses

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This class is for you if:

-You can't quite seem to get polygel or hard gel to last for your clients

-You aren't sure if you want to add this service to your menu

-You've never tried polygel or hard gel before

-You've been doing it for years but need a refresher!


$425 per student (8 student maximum)

10am-4pm (30 minute lunch break)

Class includes:

  • Choosing the best option for your clients
  • Proper Nail preparation for enhancements
  • Polygel natural nail overlay & tip application
  • Hard Gel natural nail overlay & tip application
  • Finish filing techniques
  • How to Rebalance polygel & hard gel

Kit Includes: ($213 Value)

  • Erica's ATA dry manicure kit
  • Gelish Polygel & LUXA Hard Gel kit


  • Please come prepared with an LED light with a 30 second cure, an electric file with 25K-35K RPM speed, and any additional tools you prefer for manicuring
  • Please arrive with naked nails free of gel or enhancements & untouched cuticles
  • Small snacks and beverages will be provided. You may bring a lunch of your choice
  • Please bring your professional State Board license for verification 
  • You will be given a certification at the completion of this course with the full name provided at your time of checkout